About Us/Our Team
Executive Offices:

Mr. Bob Hoskins

Russel Chamberland

Board of Directors:

Mr. Timothy Rellen

Public Relations: 
Mr. Mathew McMichaels

Portfolio Investment: 
Mr. Anthony Jackson

Executive Management:

Chief Executive Officer: 
Mr. Mark Swanson

President & Chief Operations Manager: 
Mr. Vincent DiMartini

Senior Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer: 
Mr. John Bellows

Senior Vice President & Chief Legal Officer: 
Ms. Linda DiBaldo, esq.

Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer: 
Mr. Anthony Frazier

Senior Vice President & Chief Information Technology Officer: 
Mr. Juan Goldman

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer: 
Mr. Daniel True 

Vice President & Director of Public Relations: 
Mr. Carson Phillips

Vice President & Director of Human Resources: 
Mr. Edward Gessler

Vice President & Director of Security Operations: 
Mr. Hardy Daniels

Consulting Management Team:  

Senior Managing Director: 
Mr. Alonzo Michaels

Search Engine Optimization: 
Mr. Schroeder Casay

Website Engineering & Development: 
Mr. Benson Russell

Vendor Applications & Control: 
Mr. Yakel Jenip